URTH-2The 2018 URTH (pronounced “EARTH”) is a sensory deprivation tank that provides an exceptional floating experience.  Liner-less one piece tank design, simple and powerful filtration systems, fan ventilation, and HUGE float area of 57″ by 97″ make the URTH comfortable, safe, and reliable.  Check out our two options below.  Starting at $6,900 USD.




The URTH is made in the USA and built with the highest quality components available.  The URTH features stainless steel door construction and durable plastic one piece tank design.  Unlike other affordable floatation tanks which are made from inexpensive materials and components, the URTH is built for years of heavy commercial use.  All URTH float tanks come standard with our purpose designed heavy duty heaters and adjustable air ventilation systems.

The interior float area is 56 inches wide by 97 inches long, making it large enough for floaters who are 7 feet tall to be able to float with their arms above their heads, or for two people to be able to float side by side.  The URTH’s plastic one piece tank is easy to clean (both inside and out) and is made to withstand the harsh Epsom Salt solution.

We offer the 2018 URTH in two options:

  • Option 1:  $6,900.00 USD:  Includes 2018 URTH tank, sanded and flamed exterior*, heavy duty heaters with digital controller and over-temp sensor, fan ventilation system, and high performance filtration system including 1 HP submersible pump and 50 SF filter.  Pump is placed in floatation tank during filtration and removed when floating.
  • Option 2:  $8,900.00 USD:  Includes 2018 URTH tank, sanded and flamed exterior*, heavy duty heaters with digital controller and over-temp sensor, fan ventilation system, permanently attached filtration system with 3/4 HP NSF Pump, 75 SF NSF Filter, and CSA listed low pressure UV, submerged interior LED light with air button control, 2-30 watt transducers for sound, and interior shelf.

Filtration Specifics

URTH OPTION 1 filtration system includes:

  • 1/2 HP Utility Pump.
  • NSF certified 50 Square Foot Cartridge Filter.
  • 1.5 inch schedule 40 flexible connection hoses and unionized connectors.
  • Pump is placed in tank via door opening during filtration, and removed during float sessions or when tank is not in use.

URTH OPTION 2 filtration system includes:

  • NSF certified 3/4 HP self-priming pump.
  • 1.5 inch schedule 40 plumbing including ball valve isolation and unions throughout filtration system.
  • 1.5 inch flexible connection hoses from tank to filtration tray.
  • NSF certified 75 Square Foot Cartridge Filter.
  • CSA certified low pressure UV (Ultra-Violet) system.
  • Mounts to 30″ by 36″ equipment pad, included.
  • Primary suction/main drains are dual, and are VGB and NSF certified, and mounted approximately 42 inches on center apart.
  • Filtration system is permanently attached to rear of tank.


Additional Information

2018 Escape Pod URTH includes 1 year limited warranty.  See owners manual for specifics.

Assembly is required.  Because the URTH is one piece, you’ll need at least 36″ wide door openings to move the URTH into the float room unless you purchase the split system.  You’ll also need room to maneuver the tank.  Please set up the URTH in a room which can be temperature controlled between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  We highly recommend setting up any float tank on a ground concrete based floor, due to weight and noise considerations.  Please contact us for specifics.

Does not include Epsom salt.  You’ll need approximately 1,200 pounds of USP Epsom Salt to start with.

Does not include amp to power the transducers.  We have several recommendations which are inexpensive.

7.25% sales tax for Nebraska residents. For international customers, there may be additional charges or alterations needed.  Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Requires GFCI outlets.  Please employ a licensed electrician to inspect your float room, install the GFCI outlet, and to correctly bond and ground the pump and solution per local electrical standards.  Please contact us for specifics.


Please see shipping information at the bottom of this page.


  • Add Split system.  $1,000.00
    • This systems splits the URTH into two sections, a top and bottom.  These are rejoined once in your float room.
  • Custom paint color:  $2,400.00
  • Add NSF Saline flow meter:  $250.00
  • Add NSF Bromine feeder:  $250.00
  • Change to 240 V/ International orders:  $200.00
  • Crate/ International orders:  $700.00
  • Add Transducer Speakers to Urth Option 1:  $250.00
  • Add Interior Shelf to Urth Option 1:  $250.00
  • Add Submerged LED light and Air Button control to URTH Option 1:  $400.00


Photo Gallery

Ordering your new Escape Pod:

How to Order:  Please email or call us.  We will then send you a quote including the tank, shipping and any other taxes or fees.  Orders will ship in 4 weeks from payment.

Payment:  50% of total amount is due to begin construction of your new Escape Pod.  The remaining 50% is due before the tank is shipped to your location.  We accept cash, cashiers check, wire transfer or credit card.

There is a 2.75% additional fee if you wish to use a credit card or cards for your purchase.

We offer a 3% discount to active military, police and emergency responders as well as veterans.

Shipping and assembly information:

Lower 48 US states, URTH and Aphelion:  $600.00 USD.

Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, or international shipping:  Contact us for quote.

NOTE:  Does not include assembly.

NOTE:  Shipping cost may exceed this amount if you have a complex or difficult to reach driveway requiring additional services.


* Grey flamed exterior:  We apply a flame treatment to the exterior of each URTH, which diminishes blemishes and scratches or scuffs that are inherent to the materials and manufacturing of the tank.  There may be minor scratches, bumps, scuffs, or discolorations unique to your tank.  You may also upgrade the exterior by having us paint the tank for an additional fee, see options.  Please contact us to discuss.