The All New URTH from Escape Pod Floatation Tanks


Hello Everyone.

Thank you for all of the interest in the new Escape Pod URTH!

So…why is the URTH a great float tank and a good deal?  Why choose the URTH over another float tank on the market?

  1. Price:  The URTH is the least expensive, high quality floatation tank on the market.  The URTH starts at $5,900 plus shipping.
  2. No Liner:  Most inexpensive and even some very expensive float tank use a liner.  (Including our Explorer.)  But we wanted to build a float tank that was as simple and durable, and doing away with a complex liner was job number one.  The URTH does not use a liner.
  3. BIG Float area:  The interior float dimensions are 56 by 97 inches- which is HUGE and makes it possible for even very tall floaters to float with ease.
  4. Escape Pod Service:  Yes, we are proud of our service!  But don’t take our word for it, contact us for a list of customer referrals.
  5. High Performance filtration system:  The standard option 1 URTH comes with a huge, high performance filtration system that is made of NSF-50 listed parts.  Heavy duty plumbing, unions and ball valves are used throughout to make maintenance a breeze.
  6. Great for Home or Float Center:  The URTH is inexpensive, but it is heavy duty and will stand up to use in a busy float center.
  7. Safe entry and exit:  The URTH comes standard with two heavy duty safety grab bars, has a lower step-over height, and is easy to get into and out of.
  8. Lots of Options:  Upgrade your URTH with UV for the filtration system, transducers for sound, interior shelf and light, or high quality exterior color.

To learn more, please email or call, we are here to help!

Jeremy Warner




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