Let us talk about heaters…


Good day float world!  Today I’d like to talk about heaters in float tanks.

A sensory deprivation tank’s main purpose is to ensure a still, silent experience.  So this means that when one is floating, there can’t be water moving around you.

For pools and hot tubs, the water can be moving all of the time.  It is easy to install an in-line heater that warms the water as it is moving through the filtration system.

This isn’t the case with a float tank.  We want the water to be still.  We don’t want to hear motors running.  So how is the water heated and kept at the correct temperature without an in-line heater?

We at Escape Pod use heater pads that go under the tank itself.  These silent heaters monitor the temperature of the water solution as well as the temperature of the pads themselves.  By doing this, they keep the water at the correct temperature, typically about 94 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each of our tanks comes with two heating pads, both of which are 7 feet long, to ensure they evenly heat as much of the tank solution as possible.  The pads are controlled by a digital control box.  Our heaters come with a 5 year warranty.  The pads themselves are waterproof and FM rated.  (Health departments love this!)

Please give us a call or email with any questions.  Thank you!!




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