What is the Split System for URTH and Aphelion?


Hello everyone, I thought I would write a quick blog post about what the new Split System for URTH and Aphelion is, and why it might be a good option for you.

We designed the URTH and Aphelion to be able to fit, on its side and carried by two people, through 36 inch wide doors.  This works well as the tank weighs about 220 pounds, and grab bars can be attached to it to make this process easier.  BUT the tank is still very large- 98 inches long by 57 inches wide- so even if you can get it through the 36 inch door, there may be some corners or halls that make installing the tank very difficult.

To make this process easier, we invented the Split System which makes your tank into a top and bottom piece.  This way, the largest piece is the bottom and it is approximately 20 inches wide on it’s side, making it much easier for two people to carry and maneuver, as well as being able to get through any door that is 20 inches wide or wider.

Once the tank top and bottom are inside your float room, you’ll use a heavy duty rubber gasket and stainless steel braces to join the two halves together again, making one complete tank.  The finished tank is just as durable as the original, and can be used for commercial or home use.

For more information or to discuss, please feel free to email us at info@escapepodtank.com or call 402-480-5795.  Thank you!




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