New Sensory Deprivation Tanks from Escape Pod!


Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know about our two new tanks, the Aphelion and URTH.

For the past 2 years, we have been developing a new tank system.  Our main goal was to build a sensory deprivation tank that didn’t use a liner.  Another goal was to build floatation tanks that were affordable.  And of course, we wanted to build something different, safe, and high performance.  And something that looks amazing and your customers would want to try out!

Both tanks (URTH and Aphelion) use the same tank, which has an interior floating area of 97 by 56 inches.  This enables even really talk folks to float with their arms above their heads.  (This, in my opinion, the most comfortable way to float.)

Starting a float center is really rewarding, but it can have its challenges, too.  The last thing you need with your new business is to have tanks that break down or that are unreliable.  Both the URTH and Aphelion are simple, easy to work on, and use many common parts that are easy and quick to obtain.  Both tanks filter the water 3-4 times in under 20 minutes, so you can prepare the float room and get the next floater floating fast!

The URTH is our entry level tank, with no frills.  It is simple, tough, and hard working.  Just a high quality float.  Perfect for home and, yes, even commercial use.  You’ll find the URTH filtration systems are larger than many of our competitors systems.  All components are built to last!

The Aphelion is the next step up, and uses the same one piece tank as the URTH, however it has a unique hemisphere door which adds room and is very light weight, interior shelf and light, sound transducers, a larger filtration system, and vibration isolation pads.

If you want to chat about float tanks, floating, or float centers, please email or call us.  We are here to help!





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