Post 2016 Float Conference thank you…


Hello Everyone.  We just returned from the 2016 Portland Float Conference.

In case you don’t know, there is a Float Tank Conference each year in late summer in Portland Oregon.  It is a 2 days conference with lots of research and talks about float tanks, the business of float centers, and so forth.  And it is a great time with lots of food and music and fun.

This was a good one…There were nearly 700 people in attendance, lots of new vendors, manufacturers, and tons of new folks trying to decide on every aspect of their proposed new businesses, from tank types to flooring options to shower heads.

(I think the conference mostly focuses on the commercial float center than the home floater, just my opinion…)

We talked to SO many new folks and we just want to say THANK YOU for stopping by our booth and sharing your ideas and dreams.  We wish you the best of luck!

We saw so many familiar faces, too.  Many of you are current customers and we had never met you face to face.  Some of you we’ve been seeing at the float conference every year since 2012.

It was great to see and catch up with all of our friends at Float On, Float Tank Solutions, and the Float Conference people too.  You all do a wonderful job!

A very special thanks to all of our current customers who, over the last 4 years, have been amazing!  We are so proud of all of you who have taken the leap, bought tanks, signed leases, and started float centers in every corner of the US, Canada, and beyond.

It was great to see you all!  Take care and see you soon.

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