Escape Pod Advantage

New for 2017…

For 2017, we have some new options for you:

  • Split system for URTH and Aphelion:  We’ve created a system to split either an URTH or Aphelion into a top and bottom piece.  This makes moving and installing your new tank much easier.
    • Uses high quality stainless steel braces and thick rubber gasket.
    • Can be retrofitted to 2016 URTH and Aphelion tanks.
    • Largest piece will be the bottom half of the tank, which is 18 inches tall, by 98 inches long, by 57 inches wide.
    • Each piece will weigh approximately 120 pounds.
    • Budget 4-6 hours to reassemble your tank using the split system.
  • Optional heater-less heating system for URTH and Aphelion:  We’ve noticed through the years that our filtration systems actually did a good job of warming the solution on their own.  So we tried maintaining the solution with JUST the filtration system, and it works awesome!  This system is simple and efficient.
    • Recommended for home use, simply because after a float it takes a bit longer to re-heat the solution.  (about 1 hour in an 80 degree float room.)
    • System will run approximately 30-40 minutes every hour to maintain temperature, depending on the temperature of your float room.
    • Solution will cool approximately 1.5 degrees during a 90 minute float in an 80 degree float room, which is not noticeable to most floaters.
    • Heavy duty heaters are easy to add to your URTH or Aphelion if you choose to move your tank from a home to commercial center.
  • In-Line heater option:  New for 2017, we’ve added an optional in-line heater, than can be used with or instead of our heavy duty under tank heating pads.
    • In-line heaters have been used by many float tank manufacturers for years.
    • Works well in a commercial setting where floaters do 60 and 90 minute floats.
  • For 2017, Aphelion Commercial model has UV standard.
    • Lowered price on this model by $500!
  • URTH Just the Tank:  For 2017, we’ve added a “Just the Tank” option for the URTH model.
    • Comes with the URTH tank body, door assembly, and ventilation fan system.
    • You’ll need to add the tank plumbing, filtration system, heating system (or use the filtration system to heat the tank), and a few miscellaneous parts.  For home use, budget around $800-1000 to build a filtration system that also heats the solution in the tank.



There are specific tasks that a sensory deprivation tank must do well to give every floater the best possible float, and maximize the chances for the floater to have an amazing experience.  For float center owners, “amazing experiences” encourage repeat and enthusiastic floaters that tell the world about your business!  For float meditators, these aspects of the floatation tank experience are essential:

  1. Safe and comfortable entry and exit from the tank.  The URTH, Aphelion, and Explorer are easy to get into and out of safely.  All Escape Pod’s come standard with two safety grab bars.  Because of the door placement, floaters can get into and out of the tank without crouching and from a full standing position.  All Escape Pods have a low step over height to make stepping into and out of the tanks easy and safe.
  2. Balanced air and humidity:  All Escape Pod models use an active air ventilation system.  This means a small fan gently blows fresh air into the tank during a float session.  (There are also redundant passive air vents.)  The fresh air keeps that heavy “stuffy” feeling from building up in the air, as well as CO2, and also helps control condensation on the interior of the tank.  You’ll notice that the air inside the tank warms up and is indistinguishable from the water temperature very quickly.
  3. Constant heating and monitoring of the solution temperature:  In every Escape Pod, under tank heater pads gently warm the Epsom Salt solution, and maintain a constant temperature at all times.  The pads are controlled by a custom splash proof digital controller that monitors the temperature of the solution as well as the pads themselves, to ensure they don’t get too hot.  (New for 2017 is a home use heater-less option, that uses the friction produced by the solution and filtration system.)
  4. Light proof:  The Explorer, URTH and Aphelion are all light proof.  Even a small amount of light is detectable by the human eye and does effect the overall sensory deprivation experience.  One does not achieve the same states if light is present!
  5. Very quiet:  Unwanted sound is the most difficult aspect to control in any float tank, pod or room.  All Escape Pods are very quiet, and do a great job of eliminating exterior as well as absorbing interior noises.  We have found that, when using Escape Pods in a commercial float tank center, Escape Pod tanks are extremely quiet.  As always, we recommend you install vibration isolation pads beneath your Escape Pod to minimize low frequency vibration that enters the tank through the floor.  Additionally, we recommend putting your Escape Pod on a ground floor or basement level.  (Float tanks in general are too heavy for 2nd and above floors unless the building is very robust and has been reviewed by a structural engineer.)
  6. Large interior float area to accommodate even very tall floaters:  Many tanks, pods, and even rooms, are too small for floaters (5’8″ and above) to float with their arms above their heads.  The URTH and Aphelion are built with taller floaters in mind, and are 56 inches wide by 97 inches long.  Floaters that are 7 feet tall can float comfortably with their arms above their heads!  For floaters that are not as tall, the extra room means less frequent contact with the sides of the tank during their float, which greatly enhances the float experience.

Other Escape Pod Advantages:

We provide amazing customer service and service after the sale.  Please contact us for references!  We have worked with 70+ float centers worldwide!

Escape Pods are heavy duty and built to last, and are engineered to be simple to maintain and service.  All major components of the Escape Pod URTH, Aphelion and Explorer are built right here in the USA.  We use only the best quality parts available.

We use NSF certified pumps, filters, plumbing, ball valves, unions, and flow meters, and custom build each filtration system for your specific tank and need.  We use CSA certified Ultra Violet (UV) systems.  We can build custom systems as well.  We welcome working with your local health department regarding any concerns they may have.

Every Escape Pod comes with a 1 year whole tank warranty.

We provide a discount of 3% to active military, veterans, police and emergency responders.

Contact us today to purchase your new Escape Pod!