What is the Split System for URTH and Aphelion?


Hello everyone, I thought I would write a quick blog post about what the new Split System for URTH and Aphelion is, and why it might be a good option for you. We designed the URTH and Aphelion to be able to fit, on its side and carried by two people, through 36 inch wide doors.  [Continue]

No heater? Really?


Hello everyone! For 2017, we are offering an option that eliminates our awesome under tank heavy duty heaters, and replaces them with…nothing! Why? Over the years, we’ve noticed that when running the filtration system, our tank solution tends to warm around a degree an hour.  HMMMM. Also, I recently floated at Float On, in one [Continue]

Meditation with no pain!


Hello everyone!  This post is all about my meditation practice, in the tank and out of it.  If you are a meditator, or interested and have heard it’s amazing, I recommend you find a float tank and try it out. I have been a student of meditation off and on since high school.  I went to a soto zen [Continue]

Post 2016 Float Conference thank you…


Hello Everyone.  We just returned from the 2016 Portland Float Conference. In case you don’t know, there is a Float Tank Conference each year in late summer in Portland Oregon.  It is a 2 days conference with lots of research and talks about float tanks, the business of float centers, and so forth.  And it is a [Continue]

The All New URTH from Escape Pod Floatation Tanks


Hello Everyone. Thank you for all of the interest in the new Escape Pod URTH! So…why is the URTH a great float tank and a good deal?  Why choose the URTH over another float tank on the market? Price:  The URTH is the least expensive, high quality floatation tank on the market.  The URTH starts [Continue]

Let us talk about heaters…


Good day float world!  Today I’d like to talk about heaters in float tanks. A sensory deprivation tank’s main purpose is to ensure a still, silent experience.  So this means that when one is floating, there can’t be water moving around you. For pools and hot tubs, the water can be moving all of the [Continue]



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