We are a 2 tank float center located in Washington State and we have been using the Escape Pod T-103 (one of the first models from Escape Pod) for almost a full year now and have been extremely pleased with them! The tanks are surprisingly soundproof and (thanks to the black liner inside) VERY dark inside as well. (Even with the light still on in the room, it’s completely dark inside the tank once you close the door) 

Over the last 10 months, the tanks have been used 7 days/week and see an average of 6 floats per day and we have not had any issues with these tanks! The heavy duty pump and filtration unit also runs flawlessly like the first day we ran them. The filters are super quick and easy to replace (and easy to access) and take about 10 minutes from start to finish. 

To put it simply, you will not find another float tank out there in this price point that will deliver the quality, durability, consistent float experience, and level of customer service as UHI industries and the Escape Pod Tank. They have made us feel like a part of their family ever since we met them and started working with them. They have always been there to answer questions when we needed them and proved to us (on multiple occasions) that they care about their customers.

Great guys, great tanks, amazing floats! 

– Phil McGraw, Owner/U-Float


Jeremy Is awesome! I had multiple changes to my order and he even gave advice on another tank I bought used. Great customer service. Never left me hanging, answered texts, phone calls and emails almost instantly. I can’t wait for my business to take off so I can buy a second tank from escape pod floatation tanks!

– Clint Dase


I interned 3 days at a float center with an Escape Pod, and everything ran smoothly with it. Then I met Jeremy at the float conference, and I really appreciate his whole style. He gives his knowledge (and his drink tickets:) freely and humbly, he’s fun and kind, and I think he does the best job in the whole industry of meshing quality with affordability. I look forward to adding an Escape Pod to our float fleet soon, and to working with Jeremy on creating more fun and awesome floaty things.

– Luke Krueger, Owner/Dakota Float Spa


We LOVE our Escape Pod! Our clients Love the Escape Pod! We have had our EP for a year now and full of floaters almost daily with no issues. It’s been a wonderful addition to our center. Jeremy is the best at customer service and if there are questions about anything, he is available and ready to help. We believe in it so much that we have sold a few to clients for their home use and they rave about it to everyone. A great product with a company who cares and goes beyond to provide great service.

– Mark Chesshir, Owner/Float Nashville